The Board Babe Is:

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Custom Charcuterie Boards

Each board is hand-crafted and curated to perfection. You can customize your board based on allergies and special requests, and or let our Charcuterie Artisans work their magic to create an amazingly tasty, culinary work-of-art!

French Cafe

Come in to enjoy Board Babe charcuterie, traditional French pastries, specialty lunch items, brunch, or enjoy a glass of wine, local craft beer, or coffee/espresso.

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday



Bypass the same old catering fare, and let us cater your next event.

Event Venue

Parties, showers, employee gatherings, contact us to learn more!

Board Babe Workshops

To sign up for our next workshop please visit the workshop tab!

What is charcuterie?

We’re glad you asked! Charcuterie is an assortment of meats and artisan bread or crackers that may also include fresh veggies, fruit, nuts, and/or baked goods, all artfully arranged on a serving board, or individually packaged in a box.

The charcuterie concept has evolved from the traditionally French appreciation for cured and cold cooked meats and cheeses. The Board Babe Charcuterie offerings are artfully crafted with a focus on flavor, pairings, and visual appeal.

We’ve made thousands of charcuterie, and our flavor pairings evolve with the seasons, what is available, what we’re in the mood for, or what you may be in the mood for. Want more sweet treats than meats? We can do that! Have a food allergy or intolerance? Let us know! We can come up with something.