Meet The Board Babe

Taylor Hedges,

Meet Taylor Hedges, owner & founder of The Board Babe! From starting The Board Babe as a fun side business back in 2020, Taylor quickly experienced a huge growth and audience promoting quality food, drinks, and charcuterie boards. Fast forward a few months, The Board Babe Charcuterie Cafe was born, which Taylor created to bring a new passion and idea behind charcuterie. The Charcuterie Cafe quickly grew into an established event venue and expanded its realm of opportunities – including catering services. Taylor quickly found a passion and art in custom grazing tables for any event, as some of her best moments in life are centered around a table of quality food and drinks with those she loves.

Four years into her business venture, Taylor has recently announced her transition to expand her experience and passions as an entrepreneur, business owner, and content creator. As Taylor has spent the past few years expanding her brand into more than just charcuterie (but don’t worry, cheese will always be the first love), Taylor will be closing The Board Babe’s location in Winston-Salem, NC at the end of this year. She will be stepping into a new season as a content creator/podcaster and will be taking 10 exclusive catering opportunities for 2024.


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